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Welcome to SVMC. My name is Raelene S. Weaver. I have been passionate about men’s issues my whole life, and believe the timing is right for social change.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the South Bay, my clientele is largely made up of individuals and teen boys, and much of my focus is on men’s issues and relationships. As a tomboy growing up, boy’s fearlessness always impressed me. However society was pretty rough on boys when it came to crying or expressing feelings. I didn’t think it was fair then, and don’t think it’s fair now. Our society seems more willing to encourage girls to be strong, diverse leaders, which is great, but not so willing to encourage boys to be sensitive, creative and caring. I was allowed to be a “Tomboy”, but the boys were not allowed to be a “Tinagirl.” (my creation).

Mission Statement:
SVMC is an entity that promotes emotional health in boys and men. It promotes authenticity, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness and supports the concept of "tinagirl" for boys just as we have "tomboy" for girls.
Creating healthy relationships, and recognizing men for their character in addition to their accomplishments is a cornerstone of our work.

Overcoming the fears many parents, teachers, and coaches have that if boys are treated tenderly they will not be “manly” enough, or will be considered “gay” (which may lead to being bullied) or weak, is a strong goal of SVMC.
Raising emotionally healthy boys will have a ripple effect in terms of reducing male aggression, increasing EQ and having positive limitless effects on individuals, families and society. Also see our Facebook group @

Why SVMC is Needed:

Many men who have achieved success by society’s standards are left feeling hollow. The old adage “he who dies with the most toys wins” doesn’t translate well to having meaningful relationships and feeling fulfilled.

Studies show that most men would rather receive an electrical shock than experience their feelings. Depression in men is higher than it is in women, but generally goes unreported because men feel they should be able to tough it out.

There is a lot of overlap with women’s and men’s issues. It’s hard to find the line sometimes. Each gender’s issues affects the other so much. Truth is, there are a lot more resources for women, and less stigma for them seeking help, so that’s why SVMC is really needed.

Once a man identifies the stressors in his life, or his son’s life, we want him to know it’s okay to ask for help, and then provide the resources to help him meet his needs.

SVMC is a hub for all things male in the areas of relationships, parenting, and personal growth. Timely articles and research are posted specifically geared towards men’s issues. At SVMC, you’ll find counselors and resources, and a schedule of upcoming programs, classes, workshops, groups that are geared towards reducing stress, building self-confidence, identifying negative relationship patterns, improving self-care, positive parenting and personal growth.

Welcome to SVMC. We hope you find our services helpful, and please...tell your friends!

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